Petrobras’ net income was R$21.182 billion in 2012 and R$7.747 billion in the fourth quarter

• In the 4th quarter, net income was up 39% over the previous quarter, driven especially by financial gains and higher tax benefits. In 2012, net income was 36% lower than in 2011, reflecting the effects of the foreign exchange devaluation, the increased share of oil products in sales, and higher operating expenses with more dry and sub-commercial well write-offs;

• The production target set for the year was achieved and added up to 1,980,000 bpd of oil and LNG in Brazil. Petrobras' total oil and natural gas production topped-out at 2,598,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed).

• The entry into operation of FPSO Cidade de Anchieta, in the Baleia Azul field, in the Campos Basin pre-salt area, and the start of the Program for Increasing Operating Efficiency in the Campos Basin (Proef) boosted UO-BC's operating efficiency from 67%, in April 2012, to 78% in December 2012;

• The total proved reserves added up to 16.44 billion boe in accordance with the SPE/ANP criterion. The Reserve Replacement Index (RRI) in Brazil was 103%, and the reserve/production ratio stood at 19.3 years. The company maintained an RRI above 100% in Brazil for the 21st consecutive year;

• Pre-salt output in 2012 set a record of 214,000 barrels per day on December 27. This amount represented 7% of the oil output in Brazil on the average for the year;

• Throughput set a record between August 9 and 12 (2,101,000 barrels/day). In the year, oil product production was 1,997,000 barrels/day, and sales on the Brazilian market reached 2,285,000 barrels/day;

• Diesel and gasoline prices were increased three and two times, respectively, in the last eight months. In 2012, the increase was 10.2% for diesel and 7.8% for gasoline. In January 2013, it was 5.4% and 6.6%, respectively;

• A daily record was set in power generation, at 5,883 MW on November 26, and in domestic gas delivery, at 49.6 million m3/day on October 11;

• Capital budget for 2013: R$97,754 million, 53% for E&P and 33% for Downstream.
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