The Cutting Edge in GOM Decommissioning

Oceaneering Deepwater Technical Solutions (DTS) has solidified its Gulf of Mexico (GOM) market position in cutting and decommissioning since the 2011 acquisition of NCA. Oceaneering has grown with the NCA acquisition, adding employees, equipment, tooling, vessel products and services including dredging, while maintaining an impressive company safety record.

The patented IMCT (Internal Multi-String Cutting Tool) uses abrasive water jet cutting technology as an environmentally friendly cutting option for well removal operations. The IMCT can run inside production casing as small as 7” for a cost effective, time efficient solution.

Abrasive cutting technology has forged repeated new records in the GOM during 2012. In September, a successful internal abrasive cut was made below mudline on a fully grouted multi-string conductor (30” x 16” x 10-3/4”) that was cemented to a 48” caisson. The DTS cutting track record in the Gulf of Mexico totals nearly 1000, with over 300 successful single and multi-string cuts in 2012 alone.





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