Platforms will come into operation on the dates specified

Petrobras clarifies that it does not hold with the information that the Company is facing delays in the expected dates of entry into operation of six of the ten platform construction projects scheduled for 2013 and 2014, as reported today (10/04) by the press, who misinterpreted the figures presented by the Company.

The difference between the planned physical and that performed for these projects is already taken into account in the dates given for entering into operation as presented. To be clearer: if the forecast is for 80%, and 60% is achieved and the expected completion date was for June, the difference of 20% is already reflected in the June forecast. It is important to emphasis on a permanent basis, any deviations are analyzed and remedial measures taken to ensure delivery of the platform on the date specified in the Business Plan.

Petrobras reaffirms that the entry into operation of these production units is feasible and should happen on the dates already announced.

The Company also reiterates that the contracted shipyards are performing well, within the parameters established jointly with Petrobras.
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