Petrobras’ domestic oil output up 4.2% in April

Petrobras' domestic oil output (oil and natural gas liquids – NGL) averaged 1,924 million barrels per day (bpd) in April. This volume represents a 4.2% increase on March. Including the share operated by Petrobras for its partners, domestic output stood at 1,982 million bpd.

In April, Petrobras' total output (including oil and natural gas) from domestic fields was 2,316 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), a 3% rise on the previous month. Including the share operated by Petrobras for its partner companies, total volume produced was 2,400 million boed.

Added to Petrobras' output abroad, the total volume of oil and natural gas produced by the company in April averaged 2,552 million boed, which corresponds to a 2.6% rise on the total output in March.

The output increased primarily due to resumption of production on platforms P-09, PCE-1 and P-54, in Campos Basin, following a scheduled shutdown in March, and the ramp-up in production on FPSO Cidade de Itajaí, in Baúna Field, Santos Basin. April's most significant scheduled shutdowns happened on FPSO Espírito Santo, in Parque das Conchas, operated by Shell, and on FPSO Brasil in Roncador Field.

It is also important to note the increasing contribution of pre-salt areas, which have been adding to consolidated output results. A new pre-salt output record of 311 thousand barrels of oil was set on April 17. In addition to the daily record, Petrobras set a monthly record of 293.8 thousand bpd in the pre-salt.

Natural gas output

Non-liquefied natural gas output from Petrobras' domestic fields reached 62,424 million cubic meters per day, down 1,200 million cubic meters on March. Total gas output in Brazil, including the share operated by the company for its partners, was 66,543 million cubic meters per day.

The in natural gas output was a result of the scheduled maintenance shutdown at the Vandemir Ferreira Natural Gas Production Unit, in Bahia state, from April 5 to April 25. This unit processes natural gas from Manati Field, where Petrobras has a 35% stake.

Output abroad

In April, Petrobras' total oil and natural gas output abroad was 236,323 boed, down 1.3% on March. Of this total, 146,771 barrels were of oil, representing a 0.8% on the previous month.

International natural gas output stood at 15,215 million cubic meters per day, 2.1% lower than the volume produced in March. Output decline resulted primarily from lower demand for Bolivian natural gas.

Information to the ANP

The total output reported to Brazil's National Petroleum Agency (ANP) was 8,973,004.64 m³ of oil and 2,107,424.712 m³ of natural gas in April 2013. This output corresponds to the total output from concessions where Petrobras is the operator and does not include shale and NGL volumes, nor the output of partners where Petrobras is not the operator.
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