Aker Solutions ASA: Mandatory notification of trade

Aker Solutions ASA awarded a total of 300,849 own shares as bonus shares to qualified employees as part of the company's 2011 share purchase programme.

Under the 2011 share purchase programme, launched in January 2011, bonus shares would be awarded to participants who held on to shares purchased under the 2011 programme until 1 September 2013 and who remained continuously employed by a company within the Aker Solutions group throughout the same period.

The award of bonus shares is free of charge; however the value of the bonus shares is taxable as personal income for each recipient. The value of each bonus share is NOK 90.1572 and equals the volume-weighted average share price of Aker Solutions ASA shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange on Friday 13 September 2013.

Enclosed is the overview of bonus shares awarded to primary insiders.

Following the award of bonus shares, Aker Solutions ASA holds a total of 1,956,052 own shares.
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