Petrobras CEO Tops Fortune International Power 50

For the second year running Petrobras CEO, Maria das Graças Silva Foster, is ranked by the American magazine Fortune the most powerful female executive in the world, among an international list of business women from various industries. Graça Foster has topped the listings for female executives outside the United States.

To prepare the global ranking of the Most Powerful Women in Business, Fortune selected a group of 50 candidates from various countries, such as England, Australia, Sweden, and Turkey. The listing is based on four criteria: the size and importance of the business in the global economy, the success and management of the business, the executive's career trajectory and her social and cultural influence.

Maria das Graças Silva Foster qualified as a chemical engineer and was first woman to be appointed to head Petrobras, taking the helm in February 2012. Prior to that, she was the director of the Gas & Energy division and CEO of Petrobras Distribuidora, and had already held several other executive positions. Graça Foster has been on the company's staff of career professionals for 32 years.

To view the Fortune International Power 50, the list of the Most Powerful Women in Business outside the US, click here

Awards – In addition to topping the Fortune listing, in August this year Graça Foster was named Best CEO in the Latin American Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Industry by Institutional Investor magazine . In May, she was listed by Forbes Magazine as the most powerful women in Brazilian business and one of the top 20 most powerful women in the world . In April, she appeared on Foreign Policy magazine's FP Power Map, listing the 500 most powerful people in the world.
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