Petrobras Argentina finds natural gas in Neuquén

Buenos Aires, October 15, 2013.

Petrobras Argentina announces the discovery of a new natural gas reservoir in the El Mangrullo area in the Neuquén province, near the cities of Plaza Huincul and Cutral Co, 130 km from the provincial capital.

This discovery was made possible thanks to continuously collecting data from wells drilled in the area and reanalyzing the seismic and geological data, with various levels of interest shown with favorable conditions for gas production from formations that were traditionally unproductive; as well as using the expertise and methodology which has been used successfully by Petrobras Argentina in low permeable formations in the Neuquen basin.

So, by drilling the exploratory well M.x-1015 in the El Mangrullo area, it enabled gas to be discovered from the Formacíon Agrio, at about 1,300 meters deep, which was previously unproductive in the region.

Although the results from this first well are promising, it is not yet possible to estimate the reserves associated with this discovery. These will be quantified through new studies and drilling.

Agrio is the third formation in El Mangrullo with production since it came on stream in December 2006. Currently, the area produces approximately 2,000,000 m³/d of gas, coming from the Mulichinco and Tordillo formations at 1,600 meters and 2,800 meters deep respectively. Both reservoirs are considered to have low permeability.

Petrobras Argentina is the owner and operator of the Exploration, Development and Production Contract in the El Mangrullo region signed with Autarquia Intermunicipal Cutral Co – Plaza Huincul, on January 26, 2000.

This is the second discovery to be announced by Petrobras over the last year. In November 2012, the success achieved by the Estância Campos x-1 well was announced, in the Puesto Peter concession, located in the Santa Cruz province.
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