Petrobras signs Premium II Refinery indigenous agreement

Petrobras signed the Premium II Refinery indigenous agreement in Fortaleza (CE) on last Friday (22/11) as part of licensing process to start construction work on the refinery.

The agreement was signed by Petrobras, the state government of Ceará, the National Indian Foundation, the Federal Prosecutor, the Brazilian Superintendent for Heritage and Indigenous Communities and will create the Taba Anacés Indian reserve.

By signing this agreement, Petrobras agrees to reimburse half of the costs incurred by the government of Ceará to acquire the land, pay compensation, construct the infrastructure to relocate communities and create the Indian reserve. Petrobras will be limited to R$ 15 million for reimbursement.

The Premium II Refinery will be built in the municipality of Caucaia (EC), 50 km from Fortaleza, in the Industrial and Port complex at Pecém, and will have a capacity to process 300,000 barrels of oil per day, supplying the domestic market of low sulfur oil products.
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