Petrobras launches new ultra-low-sulfur gasoline throughout Brazil

Petrobras launched new regular and premium ultra-low-sulfur gasoline throughout Brazil on January 1, 2014, entirely replacing the previous regular and premium gasoline.

The new gasoline is called S-50 because it has a maximum sulfur content of 50 mg/kg or parts per million (ppm) - representing a 94% decrease in sulfur content compared to gasoline previously sold in Brazil, allowing vehicles to be introduced with modern technology to treat and reduce of sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions by 35,000 tons/year.

This gasoline reduces gas pollutants emitted from the exhausts of engines manufactured after 2009 by up to 60% for nitrogen oxides (NOx), 45% for carbon monoxide (CO) and 55% for hydrocarbons (HC). The new fuel has other benefits like low deposits forming on valves, fuel injectors and within the combustion chamber, increasing the performance and extending the life of the catalytic converter, reducing engine wear, plus the lubricant lasts longer, maintaining energy efficiency with lower maintenance costs.

Petrobras continually invests in improving its fuel and was the first to remove lead completely from Brazilian gasoline in 1989.

The new gasoline is available at Petrobras service stations throughout Brazil as well as other national distributors and continues to identify "regular gasoline" or "premium gasoline" at service station pumps depending on what type of fuel it is.

A new era in fuel

Between 2005 and 2013, Petrobras invested R$ 20.6 billion on 21 new units allowing S-50 gasoline to be produced at all of its refineries. This launch consolidates a new era in fuel with ultra-low-sulfur - a technological leap with the same quality as the world's most demanding markets.
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